garden stair with steppers

Garden Steppers

Morris Brick & Stone stocks the following natural stone garden steppers.

These stones can be sawn cut into rectangular shapes or natural / irregular shapes.

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Bluestone Garden Steppers

  • Sawn rectangular shape bluestone
  • Thermal finish on front and top
  • 3ft., 4ft., 5ft., 6ft., and 8ft. lengths
  • Height = 6″, Depth = 16″
Bluestone Garden Steppers after installation

Bluestone Garden Steppers installed.


Pennsylvania Colonial Steppers

  • Snapped edged bluestone
  • Irregular size with natural texture on top
  • Color range:, blues, browns, rusts and green blues
  • Approx. 3 ft. – 5 ft. x 4–8 in. x 24 in.–30 in.