irregular bluestone walk in front of fieldstone wall

Irregular Flagstone

Looking for a more natural or rustic appearance?

Morris Brick & Stone carries a wide variety of irregular flagstone.


Bluestone Natural Texture: Irregular Flagstone

  • Wide range of colors: Shades of blue, grey, green, brown and rust
  • Lilac color available upon request
  • Packaged in 1.5 ton pallets – Available by the pound if needed
  • Approximate coverage for thin = 130 square feet / ton
  • Approximate coverage for thick = 75 square feet / ton

Tennessee Crab Orchard: Irregular Flagstone

  • Sold by the pallet – approx. 2 tons / pallet
  • Sold by the pound for small jobs
  • Color range is mix of yellow, brown, orange, pink, peach and black
  • Thin – Approx. 130 square feet of coverage / ton
  • Thick – Approx. 75 square feet of coverage / ton