Finding a Contractor

Where to Find a Good Mason/Landscape Contractor

• Suppliers are often good sources for reliable contractors. Ask your local building materials supplier.

• Ask another contractor whose judgment you trust. Your plumber or carpenter may know someone in the field that they could recommend.

• Look in your Business to Business Yellow Pages. You can find “Mason Contractors or Landscape Contractors” listed there. If no such Business to Business directory is available, look for “Mason Equipment & Supplies” to find your local distributor.

• Search professional and trade associations.

• Referral services exist in many populated areas of the country. They compile information on stable contractors in all fields. They recommend based on customer’s needs, price range and location.

Things to Remember with a Mason/Landscape Contractor

• Price is only one of many criteria for selecting a contractor.

• Knowledge of trade, skill level, and experience are key. Professionals who bring these attributes to the job may cost more initially – and much less in the long run.

• Contractors who are in demand schedule their work well in advance. Two to three months are common especially in the spring and summer months.

• Better prices may be obtained if work can be completed in winter months. Quality contractors are busy contractors. Jobs often take several weeks to complete. If you are in a hurry, you may find that quality and service are compromised. It is always best to be patient, flexible, and to plan ahead.