Proper Patio Paver Maintenance

After the snow and ice have melted away, your patio is likely left looking less than ideal. As spring begins to bud, it’s time to start taking proper care of your patio pavers. Follow these tips to maintain your paver’s appearance without sacrificing the integrity of the stone.


  • Basic Cleaning
    Sweep pavers with a broom to get rid of any dirt or debris. You can also lightly rise your with water to remove any grime. However, power washing your patio pavers is not a good idea; the pressure may harm the stone or pavers below.
  • Snow Removal
    Use a plow with a rubber edge to plow snow off your patio paver. Avoid sharp ice-chopping objects, as you could damage the stone beneath. Try to avoid rock salt on patios as well. While it will melt any build-up ice, it will also damage the pavers and concrete surface.
  • Weed Removal
    It’s common to find weeds growing through the cracks of your patio pavers. Try using a joint stabilizing sand on the pavers. If pesky shrubs to appear from time to time, keep up with spot treatment vegetation killer.


  • Protecting Joints
    Joint protection is crucial to proper patio paver maintenance. Top joints off with jointing sand to prevent any deterioration. Deterioration causes pavers to shift, disrupting the look and level of the patio.
  • Repairs
    Check joints by running a flat-edge screwdriver along the edges. Joints shouldn’t move if they are adequately filled with sand. If something seems cracked or ill-aligned, replace the paver immediately. Your outdoor patio space will remain safe and beautiful with proper upkeep.

Follow these simple patio paver maintenance tips to keep your outdoor landscape looking fresh and new. If you’re in need of the stone and brick supplies to create your own patio paver, Morris Brick & Stone has the perfect inventory. We are authorized dealers of CST Pavers, Techo-Bloc, and Belgard pavers. Our product line includes concrete paving stones for both the do-it-yourself homeowner and the professional contractor. Reach out to our team today to learn more!