How Thin Stone Veneer Can Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

Sitting next to a warm, cozy fire on a chilly New Jersey night is a great way to end any winter day. Depending on how outdated your fireplace is, you might be tired of looking at the red brick. Many homeowners look for ways to give their fireplace a facelift. Instead of just painting over the brick, consider using thin stone veneer to spruce it up.

Not only does thin stone veneer make your fireplace more appealing, but it can also increase the property value. Veneer stone is extracted from the earth and then cut into thin pieces that can be applied to vertical surfaces. It is a popular stone to use on fireplaces because it doesn’t typically require using a concrete footing.

Before you start this do-it-yourself project, there are some things you should consider.

What Condition is the Fireplace in?

Before you begin any updates on a fireplace, it is important to consider its overall condition. Does it need more than just a facelift especially if you actively use it for heating purposes? It is best to schedule a fireplace inspection with a professional so they can assure nothing else needs attention first.

How to Prepare the Brick

One of the first steps in the project phase is the check the firebox to see how wide the opening is. Adding stone veneer will close this opening a bit, and you want to be sure that it doesn’t cause any ongoing issues.

Before installing stone, you will need to apply a scratch coat to the brick which is a layer of mortar applied directly to the brick. The scratch coat provides a stable surface for the stone veneer, so it is secure after installation. If the brick is painted or crumbling, you may need to resurface it prior to adding the stone veneer using a cement board or a metal lathe.

Why Choose Stone Veneer

Stone veneer offers many benefits to homeowners, including:

  • Appearance: Stone veneer is a beautiful addition to a home and easily turns an outdated fireplace into the focal point of the home. It has the capability to appear natural and elegant at the same time which is rare to find.
  • Versatility: Although stone veneer is traditionally used to spruce up the look of your fireplace, it can actually be used throughout your entire home.
  • Durability: When you use stone veneer, it may cost more upfront, but homeowners can be sure the final product will last. Stone veneer is known as a durable material that can withstand ongoing use and still look exceptional.

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