Creative Ways to Incorporate Blue Stone in Your Yard

Bluestone is a form of sandstone quarried on the East Coast comprised of 20 different natural stones. It gets the name thanks to its blue and bluish gray hues. It has become a favorite material to use in gardens and backyards because it adds a much-needed contrast of color to the overly green landscape. Homeowners enjoy it because matches both modern as well as more country styles and tastes. If you are considering giving your yard an upgrade, bluestone is a great material to use.

Why Choose Bluestone

In addition to the beautiful color, Bluestone offers additional benefits to your yard. It is an extremely durable stone that is not prone to cracking as it settles. You can use it outside but also bring it indoors if you have a covered patio or sunroom. It is a low-maintenance material making it easier to keep its beautiful appearance. And since it’s found on the East coast, it less expensive for New Jersey residents.

Bluestone can be purchased in irregular cuts or pattern cuts depending on your preference.

Here are six creative ways to incorporate blue stone in your yard.


There is nothing more inviting and relaxing than a patio made out of natural bluestone that perfectly complements the green hues of your yard. Whether you choose to enhance the natural landscaping with non-symmetrical cuts or the more traditional straight cuts, bluestone is the perfect choice for a new patio.

Fire pit or BBQ

Outdoor fireplaces and stone barbecues have become a popular addition for backyards in New Jersey. They are a valuable addition for homeowners that enjoy entertaining and want to impress their guests. Having an outdoor fire pit creates a space you want to spend time in making memories by roasting marshmallows or relaxing with a good book.

Edge Gardens

Many homeowners look for unique ways to edge their gardens and flowerbeds. Using bluestone is a great way to create lines and beauty at the same time.

Make a Walking Path

Just like bluestone makes an exceptional patio, it is also an excellent choice for walking paths that will create a welcoming feel for visitors. Pair a path with stairs leading up to your home or down into your backyard.

Add Texture

Bluestone retaining walls add height to backyards and take them from drab to upscale. Layer the bluestone with other natural stones to add additional color or build the wall around an area filled with colorful flowers and shrubs.

Water Features

Creating a water feature centerpiece for your backyard is easily done with the beauty of bluestone. Create one or multiple ponds for Koi fish or add a water fountain for the constant relaxing sound to increase relaxation.

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