Transform Your Backyard into a Summer Oasis

One of the best parts of warmer New Jersey weather is spending more time outdoors. Those that love the summer weather would probably agree, it comes and goes too quick. Make the most of your time outdoors this summer by turning your backyard into a space you truly enjoy.

Here are eight ways you can transform your backyard into a summer oasis.


  1. Create a design plan.

When it is time to upgrade your backyard, the possibilities are endless so it is best to put your thoughts on paper to begin. What type of space do you want to create? Do you plan on entertaining or are looking for a peaceful  area to spend your time in? Create a list of wants and musts so you can work on creating and sticking to a budget.


  1. Install a stone patio.

If your existing backyard only consists of grass, installing a stone patio is a great step to creating a backyard oasis. Concrete pavers come in a variety of sizes and colors. With a little help, you can create a layout that is both beautiful and useful.


  1. Build an outdoor fire ring.

Adding a fire ring or fireplace is a favorite backyard feature even in the summer months. There are many different versions including metal and bronze rings that you can find at local home improvement stores. If you want to make it a focal point, consider using landscaping stone to build a decrorative surrounding area.


  1. Add texture.

Retaining walls are another great way to upgrade your backyard because they add height, texture, and the beauty of stone or brick. You can also add texture with river rocks or by using pavers to outline your garden and other backyard areas.


  1. Build an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are trending these days. They often include a refrigerator and stove in addition to a traditional grill. This is a must-have feature if you are looking to entertain more without the difficulty of managing a menu inside and guests outside.


  1. Create shaded areas.

The New Jersey sun can be brutal in the summer months. If you don’t have natural shade, get creative by pairing white curtains with bamboo sticks to create your own shaded oasis.


  1. Add a pond or fountain.

Water is an official symbol of tranquility and brings many people peace. Adding fountains or a pond creates a relaxing atmosphere with the gentle sound of water trickling in the background.


  1. Make it comfortable

Just because its outside, doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable. Don’t let the fact that it is outside keep you from buying comfortable furniture, pillows, and decorations that make you want to return daily to relish the beauty.


  1. Add lighting.

Outdoor lighting not only extends the use of your backyard oasis, but it also makes your home safer because intruders are less likely to visit. Light strings go a long way in boosting the ambiance at night or consider using modern tiki torches that help keep bugs away.


Whether you are looking to create a serene backyard oasis or a prime spot for entertaining this summer, Morris Brick & Stone can help! Contact us or plan on visiting our showroom to see our brick and stone products today.